I have been assisting individuals with personal development coaching for many years.  However, I have to limit the number of individual clients that I take on, for both time and energy reasons.

While I use the "coach" label, such sessions with me involve deep work.  I use a wide range of techniques including holistic NLP and Emotional Freedom technique and I draw on very broad portfolio of experience gained over 35 years in healing methodologies and psychological understanding. 

In arranging to work with me, you are not signing up to a technique of a methodology.   What you would get with me is unique and personal, and is offered on the assumption that you are already aware of me as an individual. 

I would expect a minimum committment to 3 sessions, which typically take over 1 hour and are booked on a 90 minute allocation.  We will go to depth quickly, and this willl call for openness on your part, and on my part a willingness to invest my time in establishing the safety for such work and in learning about you deeply

If you would like to work with me in this way, please use the Contact option on the menu and we will arrange a 15--30 minute exploratory conversation to ascertain if we both perceive a fit.


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