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ONLINE: Individual Development, Leadership and Coaching

An in-depth workshop and Spiral Dynamics Level 2 training.

How do we support ourselves and our clients through these most challenging times?

As a coach, facilitator or witness of another’s developmental journey it is a primary skill or capacity to navigate these turbulent times and waves and enable others to do likewise with skill & awareness.

Our intention with this event is to facilitate a deep exploration of human development driven by the living systems intelligence of Spiral Dynamics & drawing on the experience and wisdom of participants. 

We seek greater embodiment. Deeper roots in our early stages and increased fluidity in later ones.

Over recent centuries, humanity has increasingly believed in the power of reason and the dominance of the analytical mind.  It has relished the success of technology and the illusion of mastery over the material world.  Two large and visible flaws have become apparent, even more so since the pandemic arrived:  

1) We have neglected the Beige, Purple and Red systems.  

The dominance of the mind has diminished our respect for our somatic systems and intuitive knowing, reducing our sense of connectedness to nature and each other and suppressing our human spirit.

An overriding key to our success in navigating the new conditions that face us, it is in our development of the capacity to surf, not analyse the wave.  That means living in the instant, in this NOW moment, willing to be in the unknown, sensing and choosing on a continuous basis, ready to see the results of our choices and make adjustments.  It is the fail fast and fail often, agile mind-set turned into a way of being.

It requires all of our capabilities to be on stream.

2) The Blue and Orange systems have become hubristic, rigid and dominating while Green thinking struggles to break out of disempowerment.    

The supremacy of a mechanistic and matter-based view of organisations and society has caused us to ignore contexts, antecedents, stories, beliefs and emotional responses.  Many are trapped in trying to control the world’s chaos and turbulence, unable to adapt to a Volatile, Uncertain and Chaotic world or to thrive on the liminal edge.  

For full details, please download this information, which will tell you more about the training, what you will learn, and what prerequisites there are for joining us.

WHEN? : Begins in September.  8 sessions lasting 2 hours spread over 12 weeks.  Recorded for Offline catch-up.   Please note that the interactive and personal nature of this training will deliver a better experience if you can join the online sessions.  Schedule is subject to change but planned for Tuesday at 16.00 GMT, 17.00 CET, 8.00 Pacific.

Projected dates: September 1, 15, 29  October 13, 27   November  10,  24.  Reserve date December 1.

WHERE? :  Online via Zoom


Price Book when? Notes
£695 Before July 29th: Early-bird price  
£795 Before August 20th.  Standard Price  
£995  Corporate attendee price  
  Bookings NOT ACCEPTED after August 20th  

WHO? : Led by Jon Freeman

The Buy Now button (available when bookings open) will ask for a £300 deposit.

You will be invoiced separately for the balance of your payment

If you have questions please contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Meet The Trainers

Jon Freeman


Jon is a widely acknowledged expert in both theory and practice, with deep expertise in organisational systems gained in his experience in some of the UK’s largest blue-chip organisations as well as with public sector and charity / NFP clients. He is the author of two well-reviewed books, “The Science of Possibility and “Reinventing Capitalism” and a columnist for Enlivening Edge, with published articles in Kosmos, Integral Leadership Review and others. He is a Director of Conscious Capitalism UK, an Associate of Future Considerations and a member of the RSA.

Rachel Castagne


Rachel draws on a background in psychology and communications as an intuitive bodyworker with a practice in accessing the hidden wisdom of our body’s intelligence often expressed through disease. Interested in accessing collective intelligence and supporting collective emergence through the Art of Hosting and Collective Presencing, Rachel has facilitated trainings that develop and integrate the potentials and latent resources within individuals and groups. Working closely with others using a multi-modal approach that includes intuitive bodywork and spiritual practice alongside the creative and healing arts, Rachel is known for the valuable inner resources that she brings to facilitate authentic connection and radically honest engagement. Fascinated by the challenge of communicating across different value systems, she recently co-facilitated an experiential journey through the Spiral for over 100 participants.


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