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Level 2 : Leadership, Individual Dev’t & Coaching

London, March 22-24 2019

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This is a ground-breaking exploration, rare in the Spiral arena in its focus on the individual development and coaching, and quite unique in its approach.

We will facilitate a deep exploration of human development driven by the living systems intelligence of Spiral Dynamics

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The Simplexity Toolbox

Our toolkit utilises the existing knowledge and energy in the organisation, eliciting a deep understanding of you current conditions and possibilities for change.

Our evolutionary approach derives from finding where you are in within the framework of natural emergence, dismantling the blocks to progress and creating the internal framework to support ongoing self-development.

We help organisations find their own best path because whatever problems you may be facing, you know more about your business than we do. You also know more than you are yet aware of knowing.  Our tools  and methods are able to surface that knowledge.

The steps in the Simplexity approach are described in summary papers which you can download from the resources page.