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book 02Our financial systems are broken - not fit for purpose.  The evolution of capitalism has stalled and no longer meets our human needs or the conditions that we face.  When we examine how our relationship with money has evolved, we can see how the values and mind-sets we held have become embedded in systems that are now poorly adapted to today's world. This book describes what is required now of the system and we who use it, in order to enable its redesign and rebuild. Our economic values, relationships and systems operate at several levels. They drive individual views and actions. They show up in our societal choices and political priorities. Our businesses and corporations function according to our perceptions of how ownership, engagement, commitment, benefit and purpose should be framed and governed.

Reinventing Capitalism is not a technical book and its themes are presented in everyday terms that we can all understand. Nor is this an exercise in theory. Its only function is to help us solve today's problems - to see how we find our way to stability, sustainability, fairness and functionality. Money was invented as a tool to serve us; now it drives our choices and decisions and has become our master rather than our servant. This will take a bigger conversation than has yet happened and the book sets out fresh ways of thinking and 36 practical goals affecting all of the levels discussed. Its purpose is to support and generate a more joined-up conversation than we have ever had.

All of the jigsaw's many pieces exist already; now we need a table to put them on and a framework for joining them together. In a time of challenge to our social evolution, we have an opportunity to decide what kind of economic species we need to become. In a time of unremitting rain and rising seas it is offered as the outline design for an ark. Together we can make it into a blueprint. Together, we can build it.

Reinventing Capitalism on Amazon

I highly recommend this book! Considering the topic, this is a very accessible book offering many insights on the money and our economic system. I highlighted many passages and walked away with a fresh perspective on the topic.

Mark Gilbert

A balanced and fascinating take on the future of monetary exchange

Jon Freeman has written a gem of a book which offers some really penetrating ideas but is still largely accessible for the non-economists amongst us.


Susan Belchamber

Coaching for Difference

What will support you to be the happiest and most effective you can be?

What will help you break through to a new level?

My intention as a coach is to support your transformation.  I have been working on my own development and mentoring others for over 30 years.  I have been a Europe-level corporate director, a consultant and a programme director.  I am familiar with the pressures.

I am a certified Spiral Dynamics master practitioner and trainer and I do recommend Spiral Dynamics assessments to fast-track our conversations. 

I am a certified SQ21 practitioner (advanced EQ and SQ).  If SQ development is what you want we would use those assessments.

Are you hungry for breakthrough and ready to do and be different?  If so, please e-mail me.

The Simplexity Approach to Organisations

Your organisation is never static. 

How do we decode the change that is happening, and help reveal what is naturally next?

Our toolkit surfaces the existing knowledge and energy in the organisation, eliciting a deep understanding of your current conditions and possibilities for change. 

You know more about your business than we do. You also know more than you are yet aware of knowing.  Together we find where you are in within the framework of natural emergence and start from there.

The steps in the Simplexity approach are described in summary papers which you can access here or from the Articles page.

Organisational Simplexity                           The Simplexity Toolbox

Major Articles


Science of Possibility

Science of Possibility

Descriptions “The Science of Possibility” offers a radical perspective uniting science with spiritual experience and non-ordinary views of reality. It provides a comprehensive view through physics, biology, genetics, evolution, psychology and human e...

Reinventing Capitalism

Reinventing Capitalism

Our financial systems are broken - not fit for purpose. The evolution of capitalism has stalled and no longer meets our human needs or the conditions that we face. When we examine how our relationship with money has evolved, we can see how the values...


If you have not read Jon Freeman's new book I strongly suggest you do so. You will be aware of his deep and coherent insights, range of dealing with today's complex worlds, and unique ability to identify many of the dots that most of us miss. Jon thinks and acts from a wider arc than most of us. The Science of Possibility provides clear understanding of how various concept models, including Spiral Dynamics, express emerging "patterns of consciousness" in our never ending quest. He will open your eyes to expanding notions of reality.

Dr. Don E. Beck (Co-author “Spiral Dynamics” and “The Crucible”) on “Science of Possibility”

As brave and as comprehensive an attempt as I have yet seen to put science into spirituality and spirituality into science. Like Freeman, I believe that at some point in the future we will all realise that these two "polarities" intersect in consciousness.

Richard Barrett (author of “Building the Values-Driven Organisation” and “Evolutionary Coaching”) on “Science of Possibility”

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