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Jon Freeman

I am a top-down thinker, holistic in approach with a sharply pragmatic focus. I like to get to the roots of issues and draw out comprehensive solutions. My particular expertise is in removing the systemic barriers to change and organisational flow, facilitating and trouble-shooting the introduction of sustainable, purpose-driven values-led and self-organising approaches to enterprises of all kinds.

jon freemanBackground and training

My work rests on a 3-decade background in large organisations like BAA, Vodafone, Calor Gas and O2.  I have been European Systems Director for a leading multinational and have experience in systemic transformation and change.

I am also deeply trained, experienced and skilled in facilitating values-based cultural change, coaching and mentoring using some of the most leading-edge tools an techniques.  I am a certified master trainer and acknowledged thought leader in the Graves development theory (aka Spiral Dynamics)and a DeepChange master trainer in emotional and spiritual intelligence .

I have written three well-received books on diverse aspects of human futures and contributed to others.  My book on Science and Consciousness has been described variously as profound, powerful, convincing, brave and comprehensive.  I have spoken publicly, leading workshops and delivering trainings both in the UK and the US.

I am a founding director of the UK Chapter of the Conscious Capitalism movement, a founding member of the UK Values Alliance and the UK Spirit in Work strategy group.  I am also a founding Director of the UK Centre for Human Emergence.  I don’t list associates here, but have many skilled collaborators to draw upon if necessary.  

Perhaps most importantly and despite all the above expertise, I don’t assume I know the answers to your questions.  In most cases, organisations have many of their own answers and my role is to bring that intelligence to the surface.  I then have the knowledge and skill to help with the underlying changes to remove blocks by aligning governance, leadership approach, team and organisational structure, process and culture in order to deliver an adaptable, coherent and functional long-term business.

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