This latest article is in many ways the summation of my life's work, both inside Spiral Dynamics and beyond it. 

It is a full-length paper that takes a wide-ranging and comprehensive view. 

It is also radical in its content and its implications.  I invite you to find out how.

You can download it here

New paper: The Science of Intuition

Please take a look at this new paper, which is a reality-challenging look at the way we see the world. 

It spans areas that connect strongly with Beige and Purple stages, all the way to a science for the Turquoise mind-set.

This delivers the key messages from my  book "The Science of Possibility", reduced to 5% of the length. 

You don't need to be a scientist or a nerd to understand it!

Download The Science of Intuition

I ask that you accept this opening statement: Intuition is a natural human capacity.

I could justify it with both scientific evidence and extensive personal experience, but this is not the time or place[i].  If you are not inclined to accept it, then reading this article is at best an exercise in curiosity.

My interest here is to look at the implications and to suggest with some strength of intention that intuition is a critical need, perhaps a key to sanity but at the very least an important part of our toolkit for life.   Why so?

We all know that these are turbulent and unpredictable times and most of us have some awareness that our linear thinking and our extrapolations of data plots provide inadequate navigational support.  We know that the old normal has broken, and while we are emotionally inclined to hope that there will be a “new normal” there is an strong undercurrent of fear that this is not about to show up.  Author Nicholas Taleb is reported to have expressed some irritation that people ask him for a list of the next five “Black Swans”[ii].  Such requests are an expression of our reluctance to engage with reality


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