Training details

The English-language Level 1 Fundamentals trainings in conjunction with ValueMatch usually run three times per year beginning January, May and September.  Details are on

Level 2 trainings will typically each run two times per year beginning in February and late September. All trainings are recorded for offline review but participants should aim to attend most sessions live both for their own benefit and for the richness of the collectove experience.

Dates quoted in online information are not guaranteed, though I can usually hold to my plan.  But times are never guaranteed and changes can take place even after the course has started.


In the event that a deposit is paid for a course that is subsequently cancelled, it will be refunded in full or can be held on account against a future time.  Deposits are otherwise not refundable.

Training costs

For Level 2 courses, it is rarely possible to offer bursaries or discounts, except that there is a reduction of 10% for commitment to both courses within the same 12-month period.  Staged payments can be offered on request.

Trainings for individuals or closed groups

I do offer individual Level 1 mentored training.  These are typically at least twice the cost of a regular class and you trade the benefit of personal instruction for the perspectives of group experience.

Level 2 trainings can also be offered on an individual basis or as part of a coaching package. 

Closed-group trainings can also be offered for both Level 1 and 2.  They would be tailored for schedule and individually priced.  While you get the benefit of more participants, you may still lose some diversity of experience and perspective.

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