The intention of this program is to explore your inner experience of the world through the lenses of each stage of the Graves/Spiral Dynamics model.

The program will be delivered over eight weeks, one session for each of the stages from Beige through Turquoise. It will be delivered live, online via Zoom, and recorded for offline catchup or repeat.   The sessions will be interactive and there is a supporting workbook for your in-depth personal exploration, plus other additional materials.

Dates are April 25th to June 13th, 2023 at 4pm UK, 5pm CET, 8 am Pacific.

Each week will follow a similar format: 

  • A short outline of the key mindsets and priority codes that frame each stage.  You do not need deep theoretical familiarity with the SD (or Integral) model.  Indeed, knowing less may be an advantage over having inaccurate preconceptions.  If you do have deeper knowledge, this may help you to see more aspects of your experience.
  • A guided visualisation that takes you on an interior journey through your experience of that stage and how it may relate to your personal developmental journey
  • Offering a basic template for recognising the embodied aspects of the stage
  • Some orientation towards the healthy and unhealthy versions of the stage.
  • Some indications of how the stage affects, enhances or inhibits your capacities.
  • Some indications of the spiritual aspects of the stage and how that shows up
  • Some opportunities to share your experiences and to explore questions that are arising for you.

While the above refers to aspects of spiritual perspectives, this journey focuses primarily on the body and mind- the somatic, emotional, below-conscious and cognitive aspects of experience.  It is quite explicitly NOT presented as a journey of spiritual experience or a “ladder of enlightenment” orientation, though participants who are pursuing such paths may also find it helpful.

I also do not use a frame of “shadow” work and this is not a deliberately therapeutic exploration.  I do not place “right or wrong” judgments on viewpoints or choices.  While many kinds of issue may show up and elements of trauma may be brought into greater visibility, it is for you as a participant to decide what you wish to explore or change.  If there are shadows, these alter when light is shone into an area. 

Content Indications

BEIGE – Your mammalian roots, the evolutionary inheritance, and the place of intuition / instinct

PURPLE – Bonding, familial roots and belongingness.  Your connections to psychological safety and the platform for secure selfhood.     

RED – The journey to empowerment, agency and will-force.  Your capacities, identity and initiative-taking.

BLUE – Your structures and building blocks.  Your tethers and certainties.  Exploring the right ways, religions, anchors and constructs and the place of control.

ORANGE – Your possibilities and strategies.  Your willingness to compete and receive.  Forging, Networking and Putting Yourself First.

GREEN – Your collaborations and communities.  Tolerance and harmony in Diversity.  Putting “US” first.  Allergies and Groupthink.  Covert enforcement and “one way” blind spots.

YELLOW – Your systemic awareness.  The shift into flex-flow.  Capacity to integrate.  Linear-analytical vs Embodied-intuitive awareness.  Material-mechanistic vs contextual-cultural.  Flex-flow.  The Science of Possibility

TURQUOISE – Your cosmology, holistic perspective and spirituality. Planetary awareness, patterning of patterns and relational thinking


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