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Spiral Dynamics Fundamentals

We are not scheduling any classroom trainings at present.  If you require an in-house training, please e-mail us.
For the foreseeable future all Level 1 certifications are offered online in collaboration with ValueMatch and Auke van Nimwegen

Level 1 Certification overview

What is the next step in improving our organisations and leaders?

What are the fundamental drivers for human change?

What is our world requiring of people and organisations?

How do we support the emergence of what’s next?

Training in Spiral Dynamics fundamentals delivers a conceptual framework for the journey through human existence and an insight-filled map of what is showing up here and now.  We are also excited that this new training includes the most thoroughly embodied experience of the spiral stages that we have ever delivered.  

The training will cover:-

  • How mankind’s thinking systems change over time
  • How worldview changes are evolutionary adaptations to enable us to thrive in new conditions
  • How to recognise these stages in people, organisations and cultures, now and through history
  • How stages feel to us and  how they affect what we see and how we respond
  • How the stages view each other, how this affects interactions and how to help us communicate more effectively
  • How the stages show up in healthy and unhealthy ways, and how to bring health to them
  • How SDi runs through “Reinventing Organisations” and how to support the “Teal” journey
  • How we help the new adaptations called for by today’s “VUCA” conditions  to emerge

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