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Spiral Dynamics Organisational Development

Online offer of a Level 2 Certification

Who will benefit?

All those who are looking at how to facilitate change, such as:-

  • Leaders of organisations
  • In-house organisational design and development teams
  • Facilitators and consultants supporting mergers and cultural alignment programs
  • Social entrepreneurs and public servants considering new ways to deliver service and “municipal entrepreneurship”

What's in the course?

  • 8 or 9 2-hour sessions by Zoom (recorded for offline viewing) at approximately 2-week intervals (see below) with some work assignments between sessions
  • How do you create an organisation that is all that it can be?
  • How do you know what’s really going on, what’s next and what change to support?
  • How do you support leaders, free systemic constraints and align teams?
  • What is the most effective route to organisational health and emergence?
  • How do you use SDi tools to support Teal’s “three breakthroughs”?
  • What is added by a "Living Systems" approach?

This training in Spiral Dynamics Organisational Design takes the rich picture that the theory offers and turns it into practical application. We will explore:-

  • How to look at both the "as is" and the "to be" of the organisation
  • The view of the organisation through the Integral 4-quadrant lens
  • How the stages of development also apply to the lifecycle of the organisation
  • How to detect if the necessary conditions for change are present
  • The understanding of leadership – how should who lead whom to do what, using what tools?
  • The benefit of differentiating between the Operational processes, the Support systems and the Dynamic Steering (“X, Y and Z” templates) in the organisation
  • What is required to reconstruct each of these
  • How to use SDi Values to map individuals to roles and functions within the templates
  • Who should communicate what to whom, using what channels in what way?
  • An overview of leadership development – what are the demands on the new leaders and how do they develop the emotional and spiritual intelligence that they need
  • What is an organisational meshwork and what this perspective enables us to deliver
  • What it takes to deliver agility, responsiveness and self-organisation
  • How these tools support practitioners and clients in dealing with VUCA conditions, the journey to 2nd-tier and conscious organisations, and the activation of Teal breakthroughs

You will work practically with these lenses, tools and perspectives, applying them to organisations that you know.

For a pdf download of the training details, please click this link

WHEN? : The next training will begin in Late January 2023. It is likely to be your only opportunity this year.

Planned dates : Tentative: Monday January 30th and then every two weeks until May 8th
Time: 17.00 CET  8.00 Pacific  16.00 UK
Dates may be subject to change but all sessions will be recorded.

There will be work for you to do in-between sessions

PRICE? : Please note the payment times and conditions below

Price Book when? Notes
£745 Before December 19th  Early-bird individual price  
£845 Standard Individual Price Dec 19th to Jan 23rd  
£995 Company Price.    
  Bookings NOT ACCEPTED after January 23rd  

WHO? : Led by Jon Freeman

Corporate customers should not use the Buy Now button.  Please e-mail me at the address below and I will send an invoice, due immediately.

Individual Customers : The Buy Now button will ask for a £300 deposit.  You will be invoiced for the balance, payable a minimum of 14 days before the training begins.

If you have questions please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jon is a widely acknowledged expert in both theory and practice, with deep expertise in organisational systems gained in his consulting experience in some of the UK’s largest blue-chip organisations as well as with public sector and charity / NFP clients.

He is the author of two well-reviewed books, “The Science of Possibility and “Reinventing Capitalism”, with published articles in Kosmos, Integral Leadership Review and others. He was a Founder-Director of Conscious Capitalism UK, is a Director of Future Considerations and a member of the RSA.

Jon has been accredited by Dr Don Beck to deliver Spiral Dynamics trainings since 2009.


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