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About Jon Freeman and Spiral Futures

Since 1980, I have had two parallel activities, one a career in business and organisations, the other, intentional personal development.   The second was responsible in a big way for my success in the first.  Along the way I have written books about science, money and parenting as well as developing specific expertise in the Spiral Dynamics model of human existence.  

By nature, I see whole systems.  This has driven me to be an arch-generalist in an age of specialists, and led me to find ways beyond the challenges of complexity and unpredictability.   I help you to apply the results by serving as a mentor and coach to you and/or your organisation.    You don’t need to know what I know.  You don’t need to learn Spiral Dynamics.

In this website you will see recurring themes about living systems and self-organisation, as well as the relationship between what is external (to you or your organisation) and the ways to adapt internally to become more responsive and sustainable.   These represent a shift out of linear, cause-and-effect, right-wrong polarity modes of thinking.  They are essential mindsets if we are to operate sustainably and minimise stress in today’s world.

So what are the “bottom lines”?    I and my associates can help you:

  • transform the way that you operate as a person or a leader, flowing with it to create more of the outcomes you desire.
  • view the world in a new way so as to be less thrown off balance, less emotionally impacted by how it is, and more in charge.
  • embed new ways of being in your organisation that require less intervention and reduce friction, liberating its own intelligence in support of greater effectiveness.

Relational Organisations

Living Systems


What can you achieve when you connect everything to everything else, flexibly, fluidly, where functionally required, and only for as long as is necessary?

Systems need to be adaptive to internal shifts and external pressures.  Whether you are dealing with companies, cities, public service organisations, all operate best when able to continually adapt to change. 

Let's Talk about You Changing your World

Relational Systemics

Here are four areas from a relational perspective.

Each of these examples presents interconnection and complexity.  All are living systems with internal dynamics that respond to exterior circumstances.

Each operates on multiple scales and each is affected by human choices and attitudes.  In turn, each of them affect us.  Each reflects an aspect of energy flow through human activities.

At the scale above, all of them impact all of the others. 

Such systems cannot be top-down managed or controlled.  Only by facilitating new and deeper relationships driven from their own systemic, adaptive intelligence can we survive and thrive.

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